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I started the end of 2013, with no real idea of what I wanted from it. I just wanted to have a platform I was able to share my motivation and positivity with those in search of what I had found in my life. This site has now become a Project that has a life of its own and I often question where the words come from but I have recently learned that this is my calling and with my openness about all that I have learned in my life I am able to help others see their own path to Positivity.

I lost my father before I was 2, my mother remarried when I was 3, making me the step-child. Between the ages of 8 and 12 I was the victim of molest and eventually rape. I only say “the victim” because I was “the victim” until I acknowledged the act and made the conscious decision to become a survivor.  I married at age 23 before I completely healed and sadly having a 20 year marriage that was not healthy. I did have two beautiful children out of that marriage that made it well worth the bad times. I blame myself for not being true to myself and who I was for the mistakes that were made. I know now that everything has a purpose and I have come out the other side of the first half of my life richer than I could have ever imagined.

I have life experience that I am now ready to share with others so that they are able to implement what I now refer to as my Four “A”s: Acknowledge the Past, Accept the Present, then move forward to Achieve the Positive Future that is meant for YOU!! While Appreciating Everything along the way. If you are ready, follow me and together we can Corrupt the World with Positivity!!! HUGS ~Vix~

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  1. OMG…almost exactly the same as my life. Only difference , I losty dad at 2, and I still havent figuref out how to be the survivor and not the victim, my marriage lasted one year, but I went through a ton of bad relationships, had a child as a result of rape, amd two more from a very abusive relationship. I would not trade my three sons for the world. I ended up a not so great mom and I really have a lot of self hatred for not being the kind of mom that my boys deserved. Now I am approaching 50, and I am not where I should be, I have been so close so many times, my anxiety is destroying me little by little, and PTSD sucks


    • Shawna I want to acknowledge first how much strength it took you to write this comment and I applaud you for this immensely, as I know how difficult it is to take that first step! You now have to start forgiving yourself and healing! I will continue to chat with you to give you tools I have found along the way that has truly allowed me to be a survivor not a victim! I talk about these steps I took in my book as well! Keep talking about the things that are holding you back so that in time you can truly let them go and they will become only part of your foundation not your structure!


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