4 comments on “The Female Ejaculation

  1. I know that ALL women produce the fluid, but I’m not certain that all women can actually have an ejaculation that spurts out! My theory is that some women (I’m one!) produce an excess of this fluid (it comes from the para-urethral gland & drains into the urethra close to the opening), it normally drains out into the vagina to irrigate that area prior to receiving semen where it will then “water” down the semen providing the sperm a pH friendly environment in which to swim, however those of us that produce this excess of fluid will find it “backs up” along the urethra and is then expelled forcibly by the contractions that accompany a climax.
    In my case the combination of manual clitoral AND gspot stimulation are what work best, though certain intercourse positions can also provide the necessary gspot stimulation to make me ejaculate!


    • I am sure there are various levels of this orgasm for sure. Not all women know that when you are in the throws of the orgasm you actually have to push out as if you were peeing. This is not something women usually want to do cause they fear they will actually peel on their partner and that is not what happens. Studies have been done that show even when women don’t “squirt” they still ejaculate and the ejaculation actually pulls back into their bladder and shows up in their urine whereas women whom were able to release did not have the fluid in their urine. Tells me that I want to push and enjoy every last drop of that release. Lol

      Thank you so much for your input. I certainly love hearing other people’s experiences. 🙂


  2. I squirt nearly every time I have sex and does not take make stimulation at all. I think each woman will always be different and as long as you’re enjoying what you’re doing than it doesn’t really matter anyway!


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