2 comments on “As Unique As A Fingerprint

  1. what you say is true hun and its sad what happened in Orlando but as many good people that are out there, their are bad who for what reasons we will probably never know some people blame certain music, or they might have been abused when they were children or video games or the countless amount of drugs that you can get on the streets and a handful of other things plus now people are calling this a hate crime, who knows he might of targeted a gay club just so we would think it was acted as a hate crime we will really never know why cause the shooter or shooters already know that they are going to get killed or kill themselves and by doing this we will never know lets keep in mind in a few days the next question is why didn’t the club have metal deteters well I think about that every time I drive by a school i’m old enough to remember Columbine and with all the school shootings that came after, these schools have none, cause the people and politicans that haven’t been effected to any of these tragedys don’t give a fuck there’s a saying that is used by people and that is (if its not mine I don’t give a fuck I give this shooting about a month and it will be forgotened about and lets keep in mind its not going to stop here.


    • This post was actually written prior to the Orlando shooting but I added a little! This is a problem in multiple areas of the world that people are always judging and feeling their thoughts are how we should all feel! Negativity is easy and people are too lazy to put in the work to be positive and accepting!


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