6 comments on “The Fixer

  1. You are right on your fixer assumption. That is what possibly drew me to contacting you. But some of us lost souls are truly LOST. We feel as though we are injecting our cancer of dismay on good people. Sometimes, there is no fixing.


    • I don’t believe that is true at all Hon…I believe we just have to allow ourselves to let go of our past before we can truly heal. If you don’t do this that “cancer” you speak of will absolutely continue to spread. You are a good man and you have to forgive yourself for whatever it is that holds you back.


  2. In our first conversation, you fixed something for me too. It wasn’t a personal or life issue, but it was very helpful. I will remember you in this way.


  3. Just wanted to say that being a fixer is something to be proud of. Your mom experiences i bet have refined your skills…

    I bet if you look through your career, you’ll see successful people you have influenced too.

    thank you – later alligator


    • I have had some amazing experiences and had the opportunity to inspire some wonderful people. I truly hope to be able continue this to the masses.

      Thank you my friend for everything. – AWC 🙂


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