6 comments on “Our Own Paths

  1. Not all paths are equal or we would have no prisons, there would be no objective right or wrong, and everyone would be stealing from everyone else. Hobbesian state of nature isn’t pretty. Of someone’s path is to hurt the innocent, lie, cheat, betray and harm people, then I will judge them. We all should judge right vs wrong and saying “it’s just my path” is not a free pass. If someone doesn’t vaccinate their kids and kills a newborn with a preventable disease? That path wasn’t an equally valid choice. If someone has an affair and rips a family apart, that wasn’t an equally valid choice. If someone kills another person, that’s not an equally valid choice. When you do right, you get some latitude in how to deal. When you perpetrate, you don’t.


      • Well how do you see people who terrible wrongs? It’s a fair debate about the line between right and wrong. To pick a non-cheating example, I think vaccination should be compulsory without a strong medical reason, because the public health depends on it. I don’t see that on the personal choice side. Ditto affairs. And drink driving. And assault. Where do you see the line?


      • My post is strictly discussing the paths we take in our lives. Those paths can lead to negative or positive endings of course but each of us chose those paths ourselves. We all have our feelings on the topics you mention and there are pros and cons in each scenerio depending on how you choose to look at them. I never said that people don’t make bad choices and when they break the law they should of course be held accountable for that. When it comes to morality that is my line. What I believe is morally acceptable may differ from someone else’s acceptable behavior. This can vary from very immoral to squeaking clean. I refuse to judge morality which is my choice to make.


      • Nephila, we definitely see things from different prospectives. I chose to find the good in things as often as possible. You are absolutely entitled to your views but we have gotten completely off the intended purpose of the post. For some reason you read something into what I wrote as the polar opposite of what I was trying to convey. I believe in right and wrong and good and evil but this post was not about those topics. This post was about people making their own choices for them in their lives. If they chose to break the law or involve themselves in immoral acts…Whether you want to accept it or not…It is their choice to do those things and at the end of their journey They have to live with consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, their are times where other’s choices impact others but that is not what I was referring to. This post was meant to encourage people to make positive choices in theirs lives.


  2. Referencing the comments above and the blog. At the same time I don’t think we should judge those that have committed crimes and even murdered. We don’t know what paths they were forced down, or what they have endured in life. As much as i don’t like when people do bad things, I try not to judge. I have taken some dumb paths in life and learned some hard lessons (I have not had a lot of guidance). I hope I choose well with my future paths 🙂


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