4 comments on “The Life of a Muse…

  1. An amusing muse about muses to muse over.

    /ˈmjuːzɨz/ (Ancient Greek: Μοῦσαι Mousai; perhaps from the o-grade of the Proto-Indo-European root *men- “think”)

    I have known a few in my lifetime. Some have been just as you said to me. Others I observed them aid those we knew. But in every case, the person has to be receptive or the benefit is wasted and the muse moves on. I may have to research if they have male counterparts of any sort. One thing is for certain, this blog post did inspire me to edit the Wikipedia page about the Muses.

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  2. I believe I am a muse, as I keep doing what you describe in your text as to be a muse. But why do muse feel used in their own real relationship, like in marriage? Its so sad. Thanks all the same for the info about a muse.


    • Usually that happens when the Muse becomes an enabler! Then they believe that is all they are put on this earth for and they mistake it for love and end up with someone who doesn’t appreciate them! Be strong and require the respect in return! Love yourself so that others can love you!


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