5 comments on “Cheating With Your Partner

  1. Reblogged this on Awake and Empowered and commented:
    An interesting idea. What are people’s thoughts on this? I assume that everyone has their own take, based on their own experiences. I am curious if people think this would be helpful and healthy or a step down a dangerous road. (or maybe even just awkward as hell).

    • There are always different opinions and comfort levels and desire levels! The key is to be sure to communicate with our partners! The healthiest of relationships will be open to give and take! We all need to step out of our comfort zones from time to time but honestly if the relationship is a good one your will know each other’s passions!

      Thank you for the reblog and the great though provoking comment! HUGS

  2. Very interesting idea. Though it is, of course, not a new idea, it is worth exploring for many people. Most species are not monogamous. We, as a species, are incredibly complex. Stress can wreak havoc on relationships. Ahh the possible avenues for discussing this topic! lol

    • Oh yes I did consider various options on this one myself! This was the one that stood out the most for the monogamous readers! I will have others in the future for my Polyamorous Readers as well!

  3. Good to hear you will be posting more. I am always happy to reblog things I think my readers will find interesting or helpful to them. I simply do not have the time or energy to keep up with writing enough posts to keep the information flowing to them on my own. This idea of dating your spouse has, I already noted, been discussed many times before, but I see it as more than just reigniting the spark. its a way to live out your shadow, as jung would say. its a way to get back to caring about what each other has to say and what each other thinks. people change over time and we can get so caught up in the stress of day to day life that we forget to check in with each other. at some point we assume we know everything about the other person without entertaining the idea that they may change or there may be topics we have never discussed and dreams we don’t know exist. This is quite applicable to the sexual aspects of a relationship, but also very much to the more intimate emotional aspects as well.

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